Quick Thoughts: Killing Bites

In the course of watching anime, I drop quite a number of shows every season. I’d still like to share my opinion of such shows, so I’m starting a new column: Quick Thoughts. These articles will be much shorter than the full length anime reviews because I don’t watch these shows to the end. Here is the very first Quick Thoughts entry: Killing Bites.


This show BITES


English: Killing Bites
Japanese: キリングバイツ
Season: Winter 2018
Length: 12 ep. x 24 min.

Killing Bites is a show about killing and biting. No really, this is exactly what Killing Bites offers… in addition to loads of fan service. So what exactly is Killing Bites?

That’s a very good question. Basically, Japan has been controlled by four zaibatsu (large corporations) since ancient times, and they duke it out by sending teams of fighters to kill each other. In modern day, these fighters are injected with animal genes via gene therapy and gain superhuman strengths.

Our poor protag-kun is some hapless college student lured into a kidnap/rape gang. But boy, did him and his friends run out of luck, because they picked up a high school girl who turned out to be a awesome killer fighter.

Anyways, she ended up killing everyone but our protag-kun and dragged him into this proxy war between zaibatsu, and he ends up living with her in his apartment.

And now protag-kun becomes the target of other killer fighters. She fights some more beast humans to protect him; lots of blood and underwear were displayed.

The protag-kun, being the protag-kun that he is, utters something that basically denies the entire point of the show:

And that’s a wrap, folks.



OK, so it’s only the end of episode two, but I’m out of here. As someone reviewed on Amazon, this is a trashy fun show. If you like your shonen action cake mixed with oppai and pantsu cream topped with a virgin cherry male, by all means, watch this show.


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