Art Corner: Anastasia from FGO

Apologies: I’m taking a brief break from writing anime reviews. Hope to have my next one up by the weekend.

Judging by my Twitter and Pixiv feeds, a new loli has dropped in Fate/Grand Order (FGO) universe: Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova. The Fate series is filled with reanimated and reimagined historical figures, and Anastasia is no different. As the youngest daughter of the last Russian czar and murdered along with her family at the end of Russian Revolutions, she has been the subject of numerous books, conspiracy theories, and now, everyone’s favorite gacha game, FGO. Enjoy some great fanart of the newest silver-haired loli before she empties your wallet.


ダンミル (pixiv, @Dangmill_11)


necömi (pixiv, @necomi_info)


夜ノみつき (pixiv, @mituk1)


きのこ姫 (pixiv, @kinokohime777)


Bison倉鼠 (pixiv, @bison1bison)


EB十 (pixiv, @ebkim00)


超凶の狄璐卡 (formerly swd3e2) (pixiv)


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