Short Anime Review: Kick-Heart


English: Kick-Heart
Japanese: KICK-HEART
Year: 2013 
Length: 1 ep. x 12 min.
Studio: Production I.G.

About the only thing notable about Kick-Heart is its famous director, Yuasa Masaaki, whose works include KaibaPing Pong the Animation, and The Tatami Galaxy. I’ve only seen Ping Pong the Animation and a few episodes of The Tatami Galaxy, but the similarities are there. The best way I can describe it is that, Yuasa’s style is like a trip down LSD lane, and Kick-Heart is no different.

There’s not much of a story to summarize here since the run time is only half an episode long (12 minutes). The protagonist is a business suit guy who masquerades as a wrestler at night to make money, which works out because he likes to get beaten (yes, that means he’s an M). He also helps out at a church-run orphanage, and one day his big number two broke the plumbing at the church so he has to fight Lady S (you know, S and M) for some prize money to pay for repairs.

Well, he gets beat silly by Lady S, though because he’s very resilient (he’s used to the beating because he’s M) he almost held her down for the count. Lady S was favored by the people who run the show so the referee was biased and she manages to win at the end. But it all works out since Lady S is actually a new nun at the church… and that’s the end.

There’s not much to talk about the short. It’s honestly not worth a watch unless you are a big fan of Yuasa’s or just want to pad your MAL list count; for everyone else, just look at the screenshots below and move on.


Not sure what’s going on here

Hand on boobs

Buying porno from a vending machine

Nice guy, popular with the kids

He’s… a bit mismatched here

Outer space? Or the deepest part of the subconsciousness? 🤔

Awww yeahhhhhh


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