Short Anime Review: Tamako Love Story


English: Tamako Love Story
Japanese: たまこラブストーリー
Year: 2014
Length: 83 min.
Studio: Kyoto Animation

Continuing after Tamako MarketTamako Love Story wraps up the franchise by, finally, pairing our two lead characters together.

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead]

The Story

Honestly, there’s not much to this movie that you couldn’t guess if you’ve seen the TV show. I mean, the movie’s title basically gave away its entire purpose.

Our two leads, Kitashirakawa Tamako and Ooji Mochizou, are now high school students near graduation. Mochizou wants to go to college in Tokyo, but he hasn’t told Tamako about it yet, nor has he confessed his feelings to Tamako. Meanwhile, Tamako, still as clumsy as ever, is trying her best to catch the baton by the time her baton club performs as a festival (priorities, I know).

The movie is more of the same everyday high school slice-of-life that defined the TV season. The only difference is the love confession and the response.

After receiving some nudging from Tamako’s friend, Tokiwa Midori, Mochizou finally works up the courage to confess to Tamako.

Tamako is surprised by his confession, and, being the clumsy type that she is, gets nervous around Mochizou (or even any mention of mochi) and neglects to respond to his confession. After some time, Tamako finally works out her feelings with the help of her friends, and she decides to respond. On the day of her reply, she learns that Mochizou is not coming to school but is instead going to Tokyo. She runs to the train station and manages to stop Mochizou as he boards. She replies,

and that’s where the movie ends.


All in all, Tamako Love Story is exactly the kind of ending that many fans would want; it’s conclusive, and it ends the franchise with the most obvious pairing. About the only downside is that the the movie sequel completely lacks the supernatural weirdness that invaded the TV show, i.e., the talking bird.



The two of them have been together since birth, so of course they are the default coupling




Truer words have never been spoken



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