Short Anime Review: Softenni

Welcome to Softenni


English: Softenni! the Animation
Japanese: そふてにっ
Season: Spring 2011
Length: 12 ep. x 24 min.
Studio: Xebec

I’ll keep this short. The only thing you need to know about this show is that you watch it for the “plot”, not plot.



…Still here? OK.

The Content

Softenni is, ostensibly, a show about soft tennis. (I had to look this up; it’s basically regular tennis but with a soft ball. Invented in Japan.) It’s one of those high school female sport/club kind of show, except with a lot less of actual soft tennis than gag/absurd comedy – and ecchi. Who can forget about the ecchi. There are a number of uncensored scenes on the HIDIVE stream I watched, definitely more than your usual cute-girls-doing-cute-shit shows, but it’s not like it’s a good “turn on” anyway (go watch DxD instead) so it’s rather wasted on a show like this.

As for the comedy, it’s passable at times. There’s some absurd situations thrown in, like finding a hot spring/bath facility under the school,

or dangling over crocodiles,

or torrential rain causing a tsunami on land.

But again, a lot of the comedy is ecchi comedy, which is a shame because it veers into a different direction than girls-having-fun-doing-club-things.

Boy, we are SOOOO not in tennis land anymore

Nothing to see here…

There is one bright spot though; there’s just something moe about foreign girls talking in fake Japan-grish (like Karen from Kinmoza) and picking up weird Japanese things, and Elizabeth Warren (no, not the Senator), an exchange student from England, fills that role.

Nice job exaggerating the trope

She’s actually trying for good luck, not cursing someone

At least she’s cute, and I can’t get enough of that fake broken Japanese.


There’s really nothing to watch here if you aren’t interested at all in ecchi or absurd comedy. The show has so little actual sports (I seriously can’t remember Elizabeth playing soft tennis once despite being in the club) that Softenni would’ve been the exact same were it volleyball or badminton or any other net sports.


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