Quick Thoughts: The Seven Heavenly Virtues

Second time is NOT the charm


English: The Seven Heavenly Virtues
Japanese: 七つの美徳
Season: Winter 2018
Length: 1 ep. x 4 min.
Studio: Bridge

Seven Mortal Sins, to put it mildly, was not a successful series. The production was postponed for years, and when it finally did air, the last several episodes had to be delayed as Artland, one of the two studios in charge, veered near bankruptcy and dissolution.

But Hobby Japan probably sold enough of the devilish figurines to make a profit and decided to market a new line of big-boob characters, this time around seven angels representing the seven virtues.

To say that The Seven Heavenly Virtues has a plot is being generous. As far as I can tell, the episodes are mostly consisted of one of the seven angels finding a male human in Japan and harass them in various ways while trying to shape them up as the next Messiah.

While Seven Mortal Sins was no saint (bad pun, I know), it at least had a goal that Lucifer, the main demon, worked towards for the entire 12 episodes, along with decent fight scenes and lots of fan service. The Seven Heavenly Virtues, on the other hand, unceremoniously stripped all the plot and fights out and is only left with the fan service – and shortened the episodes from 24 minutes to 4 minutes.

And the result is a whole butt-load of fan service, even when it doesn’t even make sense in the context of the current conversation or situation.

What does training to become Messiah have to do with panty shot?

…and exactly how will this help turn him into Messiah?

Seriously, why are you doing this to yourself

Two episodes was all the time I gave The Seven Heavenly Virtues; two episodes is all the unsightly boobs I need to look at to be able to tell you: Run, don’t walk, and never look back at this anime.


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