Anime Review: Battle Girl High School

Why, what other reason is there to watch this show?


English: Battle Girl High School
Japanese: バトルガール ハイスクール
Season: Summer 2017
Length: 12 ep. x 24 min.
Studio: Silver Link.

Even though, anecdotally, anime has been edging upwards in terms of quality in the last few years, I still come across a show every now and then that contradicts that notion. So today, I’ll be complaining dissecting Battle Girl High School. (No really, that’s its actual name. No joke.)

[Warning: Contains spoilers for both Battle Girl High School and Yuki Yuna]

The Story, AKA Yuki Yuna Redux

Battle Girl High School (too long to type, I’ll just call it BGHS) is, as you guess, a show about girls in high school doing battles. Funny how unimaginatively accurate the title is. And unimaginative the actual content is, too: BGHS shamelessly rips many elements off Yuki Yuna (YuYuYu) that it’s hard to believe it’s not a Shanzhai product.

Like YuYuYu, BGHS is about a whole bunch of teenage girls doing battles to save the world.

Heck, even the battle attires look similar, what with the color schemes and flowery designs and blade weapons and all.

And the magic thing? Guess what: in BGHS, they have this thing called Shinju-sama (Holy Tree) that powers their magic.

…Sound familiar? That is exactly what the source of magical power in YuYuYu is. And, just like in YuYuYu, not all girls can gain the power; those that do (aka the chosen ones) are placed in the Hoshimori class to train for battles and work shifts, similar to the power users in YuYuYu who are placed in teams on rotation.

Even the setting is similar. In BGHS, humanity lost Earth and has to move to a space colony protected by Shinju-sama.

In YuYuYu, it is eventually revealed that the town the girls live in is fenced off from the rest of the universe by Shinju-sama.

I mean, just, holy ****. It’s like someone took YuYuYu‘s concept, made some minor changes, and green-lighted it for another anime adaptation. And there’s one more similarity, albeit more tenuous.

Plot twist: there are alternative worlds in BGHS, and you can get stuck in somewhere in between the worlds.

It’s almost like… being inside a…. black hole that is somehow manifested by Shinju-sama‘s powers. Like in YuYuYu.

So long, originality.

So BGHS copied YuYuYu‘s setting. At least they were able to copy the decently written characters too, right?


With the exception of one dimension-travelling red girl, everyone else is about as uninteresting as the archetypes from which they birthed. We have two idols,

who admittedly look good but nonetheless bring with them no backstory or a reason for being a magical girl whatsoever. That also goes for the wannabe idol,

the yuri-chasing senpai,

and just about everyone in this beach shot.

And the dimension traveler is only saved from irrelevance if only because they had to write a reason to explain her existence in this world (her old world was in danger and she escaped in the last second).

Which brings me to the plot of BGHS. This is one area that BGHS differs from YuYuYu, if only because it’s so simple in BGHS that it couldn’t possibly be inconsistent. There’s a villain behind the occurrence of strong monsters, and it’s all tied back to the events that caused this girl to flee from her old world. Her new friends from the new world all pitch in to help defeat the villain, and all’s well that ends all.


I struggle to find a reason why anyone should watch Battle Girl High School. It’s a clone of Yuki Yuna in more ways than one, it’s obviously a shallow anime made to sell a product (in this case, a mobile game), and, frankly, its characters are downright boring.

Better luck with the next game-adapting anime.


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