Art Corner: Preview of “Making of” Book by 藤ちょこ

I originally covered 藤ちょこ as the very first artist of this column. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that she is currently my most favorite anime-style artist, and she continues to set the bar higher with her latest illustrations. Ever since I bought a copy of her first art book, I’ve been waiting for any news of a possible second art book.

Recently she did announce one such book. Well, it’s not quite an art book of a collection of illustrations, but rather a “making of” book that sheds light on her drawing process. 藤ちょこ has done numerous illustrations for manga academies in Japan (such as the subject of my previous post), and she has participated in a live-drawing interview on Twitch before. She seems to be a guest lecturer at schools and events, in addition to her work as an illustrator for light novels and games.

Yesterday she shared the four drawings she covers in her new book, in full resolution. It’s a rare occasion when an established artist shares detailed artwork in high resolution (1080P-ish) for free, let alone in full, unadulterated, 4K+ resolutions.

Download Page (Click the PNG download links for lossless images)
Book Purchase Page (Direct from

The set includes two portraits and two landscapes, great for smartphone wallpapers and PC backgrounds, respectively.


怪は闇夜に踊る (lit. Demon Dances in Dark Night)


透花回廊 (lit. Translucent Flower Corridor)


魔女と彩の庭 (lit. Witch and the Colorful Garden)


アンドロイドは故郷の空の夢を見るか? (lit. Do androids dream of hometown sky?)


While all four are great illustrations, I especially like the second and third ones. They fall into two of her themes: a blue, watery, translucent theme, and a red, vibrant, traditional theme. I can’t wait to get a copy of the book and see how she colors each one.


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