Short Anime Review: Netsuzou TRap

Yeah, this is probably NSFW. And that’s your warning.



It feels like yuri anime is seeing a resurgence recently, with Netsuzou TRap taking the first at bat. Of course, the series itself is also notable for, you guessed it, NTR. So how does Netsuzou TRap fare, as a rare anime intersecting yuri and NTR?

English: Netsuzou TRap
Japanese: 捏造トラップ―NTR―
Season: Summer 2017
Length: 12 ep. x 9 min.
Studio: Creators in Pack

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead]

Content-wise, Netsuzou TRap is similar to Scum’s Wish in that both portray lust and infidelity, but shortened a lot. The leads are two couples in heterosexual relationships, but the two girls, Hotaru and Yuma, find themselves more interested in each other than with their boyfriends.

Hotaru, the dark haired loner, gets physical and “teases” Yuma throughout the series. She’s a secret tsundere who really likes Yuma but won’t admit it because she’s putting up an appearance with a popular but abusive boyfriend. However, it veers into the incredulous territory when she admits that she’s still with him even though he’s abusive because she’s not fulfilling his desires – per a deal she made with him.

Even if that’s true, that still doesn’t make it OK

Yuma, the pink blonde, is the point of view character who goes through the emotions as she tries to continue her relationship with an admittedly sweet boyfriend, but slowly realizes that Yuma is into her and vice versa.

No really, Yuma’s boyfriend is such a nice guy that you can’t help but feel sorry for him, even if you may be rooting for the yuri coupling.

As interesting as all the above may sound, the reality is that Netsuzou TRap is fundamentally limited by its short length. At nine minutes an episode, the whole season is only as long as a two-hour movie, and as such it lurches from one drama to another. It’s not as breakneck fast as Scum’s Wish was, but it can still leave you wanting breaks between all the touching…

…and more touching…


At the end of the day, Netsuzou TRap has the unfortunate timing of airing after Scum’s Wish. Those who like Scum’s Wish would find Netsuzou TRap a downgrade (yuri, you say? Scum’s Wish had that too), and those who hate Scum’s Wish would find Netsuzou TRap no better. About the only noteworthy thing from Netsuzou TRap is that it focused mostly on yuri fan service instead of the diverse package that is Scum’s Wish.


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