Art Corner: Klasse14 Artist Campaign

I originally planned this post much earlier, but I ended up going to Japan for a few weeks. So without further ado, here’s another Art Corner post. And yes, I’ll talk about my Japan (and more importantly, Comiket 94) experiences in future post(s).


Having followed artists on Twitter for a few years, I noticed a relatively widespread and long-running campaign for Klasse14 wristwatches within the artists community. As this tweet explains (and what I guessed after seeing dozens of these advertisements), the artists receive free watches in exchange for using their social profiles (and artistic skills) to promote the watches. Naturally, many anime-style artists were invited to participate and subsequently shared their illustrations promoting the watches. Here are a few illustrations I found interesting.


cinkai (pixiv, @_cinkai)


わいっしゅ (pixiv, @yyish)




あさお (pixiv, @asaorando)


ナル (pixiv, @pandagom0_0)


函丞蒸汽 (pixiv, @aldarsign)


しゅんにゅん (pixiv, @todac_s)


春口 (pixiv, @chungu_u9)


まくら くらま (@ohg_m3)


fRIIsh a voca do (@riiwiiwii)


おむたつ (pixiv, @omrice4869)


かも仮面 (pixiv, @sangsilnoh)


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