Anime-Gataris: So Anime, Much Gataris


In one sense, Anime-Gataris is the anime-est of animes. True to its title, it’s an anime of a story about anime – an anime about a bunch of anime otaku in an anime club talking about anime and then making their own anime, at that. If you haven’t guessed by now, Anime-Gataris is LOADED with references and parodies. And that’s mostly fine and dandy, except (and, boy oh boy, there is always a gotcha)… well, read on to find out.

English: Anime-Gataris
Japanese: アニメガタリズ
Season: Fall 2017
Length: 12 ep. x 24 min.
Studio: WAO World

A Parade of Parodies

Forget about the characters, although they exist. Or the plot. No no; there is one reason why you should watch this anime, and it’s all the parodies and references to other anime (and non-anime too).

Main character, Asagaya Minoa, a high school first year and what we call a “casual”, searches for clues to her favorite childhood anime and “inevitably” forms an anime club with other otakus in school. Being in the company of the anime crowd, Minoa is then educated in exposed to a lot of anime. I’ll just list a bunch of references/parodies here.

Minoa’s childhood anime here. She’s looking for the name of the anime. Looks awfully like Macross to me though.

Summary of said anime, done in the classic Star Wars opening scrawl.

Just casually name-parodying two of the popular shows around time of broadcast. Hero School -> My Hero AcademiaRu:ZERO -> Re:ZERO.

“Believe in the me that believes in you” – TTGL
Different, but same.

Haruhi season one, no?

LOL. Just LOL.

Sounds like a bootleg Haruhi that I might actually like. And, an oxymoron too!

😂 🤣

No s***. But yeah, I don’t know which exact line this is parodying, but it’s along the same lines of the “People die when they are killed” quote from Fate/Stay Night.

For some reason they didn’t change the name here.

… and a whole lot more.

A Poop of a Plot

If you were expecting (not saying you did, but just in case you did) some semblance of a plot, you’ve come to the wrong anime. The plot in Anime-Gataris basically boils down to an increasingly nonsensical game of whack-a-mole: the student council/principal attempts to shutdown the anime club, only for the anime club to thwart each successive attempt.

Eventually, the club had to prove their worth at the school festival, but doing, well, what else but making their own anime?

I feel like they would have made their own anime even without the added pressure from student council, which just made the whole disbandment subtext pointless.

By the end of the show though, Anime-Gataris turned extremely confusing, almost dementia-like. Turns out, the club’s storage room is a portal to the anime world, and one club member, Nakano Kouki, is from the anime world. He betrayed the club to get it shutdown because he wanted his nickname changed. And no, I have no idea why getting the club shutdown helps him achieve that goal either.

But anyways, at that point, the show turned dreamlike, traipsing through a bunch of scenes showing anime aesthetes from different eras and genres, and even from partially done scenes during the anime production process, like so:

Astro Boy?


Seeing your own recaps

A giant illustration attacks! (parody of Magic Knight Rayearth, btw)

Everyone’s gone crazy. Yup, by the end of the plot, it got really trippy.


Anime-Gataris is a decent anime parody at its core. It’s a fun anime, especially when you see the characters share their love of their various otaku interests. It’s just unfortunately saddled with a tacked-on plot that felt out of place, as the plot itself didn’t feel like it was a parody, just a checkbox on a list of items that got ticked because someone said, “let there be plot”.


2 thoughts on “Anime-Gataris: So Anime, Much Gataris

  1. ‘Let there be plot’. Yeah, I had great fun early with this show just playing spot the reference (not that its hard given how many they throw at you), but as the story continued it just kind of collapsed under its own lack of thought. Still, fun enough anime to watch with friends to see who can guess the reference first.

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